Cannon Falls

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Cannon Falls Real Estate

Cannon Falls Real Estate
Cannon Falls real estate is on the rise and Minnesota locals are beginning to take notice. The beauty of the city lies in the 4000+ people that live in the relaxed and laid back area just southeast of the Twin Cities. The city continues to draw in new residents and the city is definitely on the rise. However, since the town is quite small, it is not getting the attention like other bigger cities. Here are three factors that will definitely show you that Cannon Falls is certainly a great city for any prospective buyer.

The Community Is Close-Knit

The community is very quiet and downtown Cannon Falls is usually where all the excitement is. One fact about the city is that two American presidents have stopped by to make a speech and they are Coolidge in 1928 and Obama in 2011. Though the population is slowly rising, it does show that people do love Cannon Falls and more than 4000 people call it home.

Cannon Falls Demographic

In 2010, there were 1708 households in Cannon Falls and more than 1,000 families in the city. The homes in the city are fairly far apart with 1,869 housing units and with about 430 homes per square mile. This shows that people do love the fact that they have a community but they also love the privacy that they get from living in a smaller city like Cannon Falls.

The Education In Cannon Falls

The children of Cannon Falls are lucky enough to have a school system that's very much experienced. With Cannon Falls Area Elementary School in the heart of the city, children can easily get to school without much of a walk. The middle and high school are also very accessible and so parents can either walk or drive their children to school. There is also an Alternative learning center in the city as well and so the city is very much just like any other city in Minnesota but a smaller and quieter version.

Cannon Falls Events

Though the city only has 4000 people, this does not stop them from having fun. There are numerous events that happen all throughout the year and they have carnivals, winery events, concerts, free music, and much more. A walk downtown can lead to a day at the market, as there are plenty of these throughout the year as well. There are also different "fun fests" in the area and you will be certain to hear a lot about them as the days go by.

Cannon Falls real estate is undoubtedly getting better and it will only continue to improve. This small city southeast of the Twin Cities will be a hidden gem in the country and can one day be a very well known city. However, the locals are very happy with what they have now and though a little more attention would be nice, the people of Cannon Falls are content with everything that they have now. This will only lead to more prospective buyers to look into what the beautiful city has to offer.